our COOLEST Holiday camp

Enjoy your vacation with us!

Cool sports, exciting activities and new friends await you at kidz-in-motion!

Our day camps always take place from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. If your parents have to work or have something else to do, you can be dropped off as early as 7:40 am. Of course, the drop-off and pick-up times are flexible. For our summer camps, we rent artificial turf fields that turn into a huge playground. During the whole week we’re at the same location, so your parents always know where you are. They can bring and pick you up as it suits their daily schedule. 


During the camp week you will get to know at least 8 ball sports. These include floorball, basketball, field hockey, handball, tag rugby, baseball, tennis (on the artificial turf court), soccer and lacrosse. In Hamburg we will also definitely play football. On top of that - depending on the team and location - we dance, play volleyball or relax during yoga. We’re always open for more activities and if you have ideas, we are happy to try new games and sports with you. If you already have experience in a sport, that's great! Then you can show us what you've already learned. However you will also get to know other sports at camp.


Our vacation program is colorful and diverse, just like our participants. At kidz-in-motion it’s not about who is the best or fastest. Everyone tries out new things! Our time together should be characterized by respect, tolerance and helpfulness. This is super important to us! There are many kids from from various nations and cultures participating in our camps. We value this diversity very much and see it as an opportunity.

How a typical week looks like:

On the first day it would be great if you and all the other children arrived by 9 am at the latest. We will welcome you and your parents and discuss any special needs you may have. Of course your parents can stay until you feel comfortable with us. Then we will show you the sports facility. Where can you keep your things, where are the toilets? Do you have any questions? After you've met the whole team of coaches, all kids will be divided into age-appropriate groups. Your wishes, with whom you would like to be in a group, will of course be taken into consideration. However, many children attend the camp alone. Therefore, we welcome you to be open and willing to play with children you don't know yet. This way you will definitely make new friends!


Let's start! After a few games of getting to know each other, each day begins with a warm-up. Then you will play all of our different sports together with your group. If you are still very young (the youngest participants are 5 years old), you will experience different games and sports than  older children (up to 13 years old). It's important that you don’t feel overstrained, that you enjoy the sports as much as possible and that you get along well with the other kids. Of course we take regular breaks, especially after lunch. You’re on vacation and should also rest. If it’s very hot and the sun is burning, we’ll relax in the shade. Or you can put on your swimsuit and enjoy the water sprinklers!


The guided program lasts until about 3.30 pm. Afterwards you will continue to be supervised, but you can choose what to play with the other children. Everyone is picked up by 5 pm. If you are old enough to go home on your own, you're  welcome to do so. In that case it's important that your parents give us their permission in advance. 


One afternoon we’ll have our "family & friends - games afternoon". Then you can show your parents and siblings what you have already learned in the camp and everyone can play along. Especially popular games are e.g. speed badminton and floorball. On Friday we end the camp week with the big Olympic Games and each child gets a medal.


It would be great if you had breakfast at home before you arrive at camp. You might bring a little extra breakfast with you so you won't be hungry before lunch. Our healthy, hot, vegetarian lunch is either delivered to us by a caterer or we eat at the club's restaurant. This varies from location to location. If you need a specific meal, e.g. have an allergy or are not tolerant of certain foods, that’s not a problem. Just let us know in advance so we can arrange it according to your needs. Since you will be moving a lot, it's important that you drink enough. We always have plenty of still and sparkling water for you at camp. Please bring your own water bottle, will be happy to fill it up for you. We do not give you sweet juices, because wasps like them very much and they can get dangerous. During our breaks we will provide you with plenty of fruit and vegetable snacks. 


About one to two weeks before camp starts, your parents will receive more detailed information by e-mail. We will tell you who the camp leader is, where exactly we meet and what you need to bring with you. This includes sunscreen, a cap, swimwear (we don't go swimming!), but also a rain jacket (depending on the weather, of course). Please leave your electronic devices at home, you won't need them at our camp. All camp info will also be published here on our homepage under "News". 



Do you have any questions? Then give us a call or send us an email. We'll be happy to answer your questions! 

our Values

Purpose, diversity, tolerance, companionship & sustainability!

We want to get children excited about sports and exercise at an early age and thus lay important foundations for their further healthy development. Especially in difficult times due to inflation, the offer should remain low-threshold for families so that as many children as possible have access to our offer.


The fun and joy of movement and the well-being of the children are always at the center.


Social sustainability is very important to us: We stand for transparency and fair payment of the trainers and supervisors. We strive to make our team as diverse as possible and place great value on friendly, respectful and tolerant interaction. Everyone here is individual and brings unique skills to the table, so there are many coaches from different nations and sports clubs with different talents. We use our social and cultural diversity constructively. This way we can be a role model for children and create awareness.


Furthermore, we attach great importance to ecological sustainability. We want to produce as little waste as possible, we order our flyers and posters with the PEFC seal (wood and paper products from sustainably managed forests). Our lunch is vegetarian, we make sure to use regional food as much as possible and our account is with the sustainable, social and ecological GLS cooperative bank.


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