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What kind of sports and games am I going to play?

Fun is always the main focus at our camps. We offer a variety of ball sports and more. Depending on location and team, our program may vary a little. If you are very young, we won't try complicated sports yet, but will start with simple running, throwing and catching games. Our program is always based on your age and abilities so that no one feels underchallenged or overwhelmed and and all kids have fun! During the "core time" of our program, our coaches determine what's on the agenda. We want you to get to know as many sports as possible. If you know cool warm up or running games, we're always open and happy to try new things. After 4 pm you can choose what to play with the other kids until you are picked up.

Can my friend or sibling and I be in the same group?

Of course you can! Your coaches will divide all kids into groups on the first day of camp. Of course, your wishes will be taken into account, because you are on vacation and should spend it together with your friends or siblings. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable! Just let us know on the first day of camp who you would like to be in a group with, and we will make it work. It is not necessary to inform us in advance.

How big will the groups be in the kidz-in-motion camps?

All children will be divided into age-appropriate groups, as the youngest are 5 and the oldest are 12 to 13 years old. Each group will have around 12 to 16 children.

What does a kidz-in-motion location look like?

For our sports camps we rent large artificial turf fields from sports clubs. They give us enough space to try out many different sports. In case of rain artificial turf fields don't get muddy. If it gets really hot we can turn on the water sprinklers. Of course all of our locations have proper restrooms and a covered area where you can put all your stuff. 

Who will lead the camp?

Each camp is led by an experienced coach. In addition we have a big team of instructors from different clubs who want to get you excited for their sport.

What do we do when it rains?

We want to be outside with you as much as possible, that's why we hope for a lot of sun. If it does rain, all locations are equipped with a shelter and/or large tent. There are benches and tables where we can also take breaks.

What do I get to eat and drink?

When you come to camp in the morning, you should have already eaten a good breakfast. Feel free to bring a second breakfast so you don't get hungry before lunch. We have both still and sparkling water and will provide you fruits and vegetables during breaks. Lunch is supplied to us by a caterer and is vegetarian, kid-friendly, healthy and super tasty!

What do I need to bring with me?

Please come dressed for sports, i.e. with normal sports shoes (please no soccer shoes), shorts, T-shirt. When it gets really warm, we'll turn on the water sprinkler and cool off with water games, then of course your swimwear is important. If it rains or gets chilly, don't forget your rain jacket and dry spare clothes! One week prior to the camp you will get a checklist of what to bring, so you can't forget anything!

Can I bring electronic devices such as my cell phone?

Of course we cannot forbid you to bring your cell phone, especially if you are given permission to go home alone. However, we strongly advise against it, as we cannot assume any liability in case of theft or loss. We have all the phone numbers of your parents and can call them for you at any time, so you won't need your cell phone at camp. Instead of electronic devices, bring your favorite card game or some crayons for our breaks.

Can I also participate on single days?

If the camp is not fully booked 2 weeks prior camp start, you can also book individual days with us. Please note that you will not be able to try out as many sports on individual days as the children who participate in our camp for a whole week.  Unfortunately due to organizational reasons, you will not receive a camp shirt or a medal.

Can I be picked up earlier?

Yes, of course, your parents can pick you up as it fits into your vacation schedule. It's best to inform the camp management in the morning if you are to be picked up before our core hours (9:00 am to 4.00 pm) are over.

How do I know where to meet and where I can be picked up again?

About one to two weeks before camp starts, your parents will receive an e-mail with  all important information about our vacation program e.g. specific location and directions, what to bring, contact details of the camp leader etc. This information will also be published on this website under "Was gibt's Neues?"

I don't speak German, can I still participate?

Of course! We are always happy to have international kids at our camp. Everyone is welcome! Of course, the main language spoken at our camp is German. However, almost all of our coaches also speak English, so that's no problem at all. If you speak a language other than German or English, we always find a solution to make you feel comfortable.

I have physical or mental limitations and would love to join the camp. Is that possible?

Everyone can join us, no matter what language you speak or whether you have a disability. Basically, if your parents or guardians think that you are fit enough and able to participate in the camp, then we are looking forward to meeting you. Please note that we are not professional educators. It is best if your parents call us before registering so that we can discuss everything else in detail.

I have more questions!

Then just give us a call or send us an email to ferien(@) We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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